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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Freebies

These are ACTIVE freebies.
I will cross them out as they expire.
If they aren't crossed out, they are still active. =]

However, if you notice that something is expired before me, PLEASE feel free to let me know.
Right click each link and hit OPEN IN NEW TAB, to avoid having to go BACK to the blog each time. =]
- Amber.

            [Tuesday, November 30th, 2010]

Free memo cube from Sandy Paper.

Fill out the form, order will process in 24 hours.

Free Pamper's 'Potty Training Success' DVD.
Follow the link, click 'order now'. Will ship in 4-6 weeks.
[I have received this.]

EcoNugenics provides natural health supplements based on medical research.
Join their mailing list to get a free sample package and a 'special gift'.
[Must confirm e-mail before they will ship you any products!]

Sign up for a complimentary 12-issue subscription to 'Working Mother'.
No strings attached, you'll never receive a bill.
[You do NOT enter any billing/credit card info.]

A holiday gift from Greenies -- 1 free individually wrapped canine Greenies Dental Chew.
[COUPON, Must present in store]
Expires 01/31/11.


Free Tropi Treats real fruit dried pineapple bites.*NOTE: If you can get a store or business to purchase a single case of Tropi Treats after you try the sample, they will send you a $50 Visa Gift Card.

Free Seattle's Best coffee for the first 1,000. T
his has already been going for about an hour, so hurry.. it just let me get one, so still offering. =]
Click on "levels" tab and take short quiz to get sample.


Free Charmin extender toilet paper holder. [Up to 2]
Should take 2-4 weeks to ship.

Free sample of 'Pillow Scents'.
*NOTE: They are currently out of samples, but if you go ahead and fill out your information, they will send you a sample once they get more. =]

Free sample of "DZ-NUTS" high viscosity chamois cream.
{May be one of the most interesting ones yet?!} =P

First 500 get a 'Go Tell Mom' sticker.
[Basically a how's my driving sticker with mom's # to put on teen's car.]
Hurry, this is almost gone!!

Visit this offer and enter your original Red Gold Recipe, using any Red Gold product.
Each entry will receive a free special 'Release Your Inner Red Gold Chef' measuring spoon.
Can only enter 1 time between now and 04/30/11.

Johnson & Johnson are looking for females 18-24 to participate in product testing of a new acne treatment. Once you receive the product you must fill out a short survey, and then get $25 for participating. Fill out the application if you're interested. *Note: If you qualify, at the end of the short survey it will say they will be emailing you with further information. If you just see a "thank you" at the end, you didn't qualify. =/

Tide will be having another giveaway on their page THIS Friday [12/03/10] at 12pm EST. They'll be giving away 5,000 full size bottles of Tide Stain Release Pre-Treat Spray.
Go ahead and 'like' them ahead of time, if you're interested.

Sign up for the Clorox 'mailing list' and receive a free sample pack.

            [Monday, November 29th, 2010]

Follow the link, they allow you to request up to 5 different things for free, BUT each item has to be under $5.
See if there's anything you like.. even if it's just a pen or coffee mug, it's still free!! =] It's fun to browse what they've got, too.

Free Globe t-shirt. [Surf/Skate company]
Not sure how many are available, so order fast.
Promo code: LMFAO

Free sample of Erik Prautsch "Hairtriggered" shampoo and conditioner.
[2 sample size bottles of each]

Join the 'LUV BBW' Club to receive a FREE GIFT on the Thursday of your choice every month at Bath and Body Works.
You must go in to the store to redeem your gift. *
Valid 01/01/11 - 05/31/11.
Fill out the form to activate your club membership.

Free sample of gas-x. [You never know!!] ;)
Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Free sample of Bausch & Lomb Biotrue contact lens solution.
[2 oz. bottle]
*NOTE: Costco i.d. is NOT required.

            [Sunday, November 28th, 2010]

Get a free 2011 calendar from Oriental Trading Co.

50 free personalized holiday greeting cards for the first 500 people on 11/29 at 7am PST [10am EST] and 7pm PST [10pm EST] from Picaboo. Must 'like' them on FB first, then click "card giveaway" tab to read the rules. [*NOTE:GONE WITHIN 21 SECONDS!!]

Free advanced screening of Tron: Legacy Imax 3-D.
Available for the following cities:
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix-Tempe, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.

            [Saturday, November 27th, 2010]

Free sample of Schiff MegaRed Omega 3 Krill Oil.
[Sam's Club]
One per household. Watch for rotating banner on page, click 'get sample' and fill out form. 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Enter any 9 digit number, if you are not a Sam's Club member.

Do you like the band 'Kings Of Leon'? To get a free t-shirt, simply send an e-mail to with the size you'd like and your mailing address. Limited supply, about 45 shirts left, SO HURRY!! [This is from the bands fan club FB page]

Free 1 oz sample of Elizabeth Arden 'Pretty' perfume.

Free sample of Playtex Sport Tampons.

            [Friday, November 26th, 2010]

Make a free custom Christmas video for kids or adults, sent directly from his village in the North Pole. ♥
Your kids will love it. Plus, what better gift then bringing someone a smile. =]

Free LOGITECH WEBCAM!! [Best Buy] ~ $60 value!!
It's "sold out" online, so you have to click "check stores" next to store pick up to see if it is still available in your area. If it IS available for you, add the product to your cart,i t should come up with $0.00 charge. You can then select your store to pick it up. =]

Free FULL SIZE ProForce Cleaning Kit. Follow link and click "free sample" at the bottom. Hurry, this will go fast!! 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Make up any 12 digit number if you don't have a Sam's Club membership.

REMINDER: Free small Slurpee at 7-11 TODAY ONLY, for "Purple Friday".
'Like' them on FB and then print coupon.

Free Pampers UnderJams diaper sample.*NOTE: The smallest size you can order is for a child who is 38 pounds. 6-10 weeks for delivery.

Free Karo Syrup recipes booklet.
[26 pages of recipes for cookies and bars.] is offering a free Softcup menstrual cup. Follow link and fill out the form. This is used as an alternative to tampons, to avoid TSS or as a tool for TTC. =]

Free calorie counting jump rope. FOR THE FIRST 500!!
Hurry, this will go fast. Follow the link and write a short description of how you "make time for fitness".

Free Happy Me skincare sample.
If you 'like' Happy Me Skincare on FB, you can enter the sweepstakes to win a years supply of skincare products.

Free Nescafe coffee sticks.

Free Gucci "Guilty" fragrance sample.

            [Thursday, November 25th, 2010]

         Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!! :)

Quick 8 question survey and get a free bottle of dish soap or dishwasher detergent.

Pack of Hearos ear plugs. Choose from 3 different colors.
[You must confirm email before they send them]

Free sample of
Tropical Breeze Cologne.

Free sample of Shout Color Catcher.

            [Wednesday, November 24th, 2010]

And here's a new 5PT Huggies code: BJRJLBZZLFBDPGB

Free sample of Kids GoodNites underwear.
*NOTE: These are typically for older, bedwetting children, so the smallest size they have is for a 38 pound child.

'Like' Clean Perfume on FB and get a free Clean shower fresh perfume sample. Click on 'sample' tab.
First 2,000 people.

Free O.B. tampons, plus a super cute case. =]

Here's one you don't see every day.. A free PATRON CAKE!!
Follow the link and fill out your information.
Your choice of double dark chocolate cake with coffee patron liqueur, or orange almond cake with orange patron liqueur.
*Note: It does not say how long for shipping, just that it will "be here soon".

Join the "Atkins Community", to receive 3 free Atkin's bars, a carb counter, and nutrition guide.

            [Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010]

'Like' Biore on FB and get a free sample of Biore makeup removing towelettes.

Free sample of Starbucks Vanilla Coffee. [Walmart]
Fill out the form to request, by clicking brown 'free sample' banner. 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Free sample of Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion. [Walmart]

Gummy Vitamins is giving away 1,000 free samples.
'Like' them on FB and go to 'free sample' tab, to request your sample. [Hurry, this will go fast!!]

            [Monday, November 22nd, 2010]

Feed it Forward-- Starting today, you can send a $10 gift certificate from to up to *40* friends a day for free. If you're sending to yourself, be sure to check SPAM folder.
** EDIT: << Here is a link to the list of restaurants you can use this for. =]

Purina One Dog OR Cat food samples.
HURRY, Target samples go FAST!!

Free pack of Orbit Tropcial Remix gum.
[Available for CA, FL, IL, NY, & TX ONLY!!]
Follow the link, look for the Orbit ad on the right side of the page, rollover ad to fill out form. You MAY have to refresh your page a few times before the ad comes up.

            [Sunday, November 21st, 2010]

                I was out of town for the day.
              Nothing new to report, I'm sorry.

           [Saturday, November 20th, 2010]

A lot of you may already know about this, but all year long you can order free flat rate USPS boxes to be sent to you. You pick the size. They usually come in packs of 10, but you can get up to 500 boxes. Just thought I'd share. =]


Free t-shirt from Townie Records.
To request one, simply fill out the form and select your shirt size.
*NOTE: They do not ship shirts overseas. The confirmation message will show up at the bottom. "Phone" form field is optional.

          [Friday, November 19th, 2010] 

Fill out form to receive a coupon to redeem a FREE box of Garnier HerbaShine hair dye.
I snagged 2!! =]



Are you a Mom? Dad? Grandma? Child
caregiver? Then Amazon will give you PRIME MEMBERSHIP for FREE!! Sign up at the link below.

       [Thursday, November 18th, 2010]

Free Personalized Thanksgiving Cards!!
1] Sign in or create account.
2] Select Thanksgiving Cards under "Holiday"
3] Select "send it to me first" (Cards will be mailed to you)
4] At checkout, enter code: FREETHX.
Expires end of 11/19.
* NOTE: Jump on this one, guys!! I just ordered 30 free photo greetings to give to family for Thanksgiving. They would have normally been $119.50 and I didn't have to pay a dime!! =]

Free trail 2 pack of Snooz'n Natural Sleep Aid.

Victoria Secret FREE Dog [WITH VS Pink order].
Your choice of color: Pink, Grape, Red or Blue.
Enter code VSPUP10 at checkout.
The price of the mini dog will be adjusted after offer code is applied. [While supplies last]

Follow this link and sign up for the Graco newsletter to receive a free pair of Graco LiteUps nail clippers for your baby.
[You can put a fake due date, if your child is already born!]

Free sample of ALEVE. Let the site load all the way, then click "Get a Sample" under the bottle.
You DON'T need a Sam's Club number to get this.
4-6 weeks for delivery.

Take a 5 minute survey, get your choice of a free Das Lolli Lollipop Sampler or Das Caramelini Salted Caramel Sampler.

Free Slurpee at 7-Eleven Stores on 11/26!!
Check for locations at the link provided. =]

Another free Maxim subscription. [New offer] No strings attached.

             [Wednesday, November 17th, 2010]

Yeah yeah, it's a little early, but here's a free Christmas ornament. ♥
*NOTE: Must confirm this order in your e-mail, or they will NOT ship it to you. And this offer will go FAST, so do it right away.

Free Sears Holiday Portrait Coupon. [Up to $45 value!!]
No purchase necessary, no session fee.
Offer expires December 31st, 2010.

Get a free sample of L'essence D'eau acne treatment cream.

Get a free John John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo/Conditioner.
Sample Pack Available for AL, AR, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MI, MS, MO, NC, OH, SC, TN, TX, VA, and WV only.

Get a 2-week supply of Bio-35, Bio-35 Iron Free, OR Bio-35 Gluten Free. [Helps with your immune system]

Free Burt's Bee's lotion sample. 'Like' them on
Facebook, visit the 'What Skin Says' tab for a short quiz and your free sample.

Sign up to be a part of -- Try products for free, and keep them just for sharing your opinion of the product. =]

             [Tuesday, November 16th, 2010]

**DON'T FORGET: Jack In The Box is offering 2 free tacos after 2 p.m. today!! No purchase is necessary and no coupon is required.

Free Zingo 4Life Bar. Choose from peanut butter or chocolate raspberry. You will not be asked for code until after you hit check-out, but it DOES apply it. Free shipping.

COFFEE LOVERS: Not COMPLETELY free, but Starbucks is offering BOGO free on Holiday Drinks starting on November 18 - November 21.
From 2 – 5 p.m.

Coastal Contacts will be giving away 10,000 free pairs of glasses across the USA this Thursday, November 18, 2010, at 12:01 PM/Noon EST!! To get the free glasses code simply click on the “Like” button on their FB page and then click “Get the Code”. They recommend picking out your frames (3-5 frames) on the website ahead
of time so that you have your order all ready to go at noon on Thursday - and so you don’t miss out on the 10,000 free pairs.

NOTE: Shipping and handling costs will be applied to your order. Typically, this will be about $10-15. Check their FAQ page for more info.

          [Monday, November 15th, 2010]

Free baby sling promotion. Just put in the word
'TURKEY' at checkout & only pay shipping. These slings are safe,
and NOT a part of last years recall.
** NOTE: This works out to be about $11.95, since you pay shipping
. Not entirely FREE, but still a good deal in my book.

Enjoy 2 free issues of Family Circle.
No strings attached. You'll never receive a bill.

Free Mystic U.S. Stamp Catalog with *52* Free Stamps.
[Heard of multiple others already receiving this, so it's legit.]

PARENTS: Free Pampers Potty Training Kit.
This kit includes: A free sample of Easy Ups Trainers, high-value coupons, fun stickers & coloring pages, step-by-step potty training tips, potty progress chart, and a Dora or Diego training trophy.

Free rental from Blockbuster kiosk. Code: FRMNDY valid TODAYONLY!! Limit one code per debit/credit card.
Check link to see if there is a kiosk near you. =]

First 3,000 will get a free Luna chocolate dipped coconut bar sample. Must 'like' them on FB first.

Surprise your child with a FREE call from their favorite Disney character or princess!! ♥
Register or log-in on the Disney page and enter the code: ENCHANTEDCALL. You will then receive a confirmation number.
Open to residents of USA and Canada. Currently, calls are not avail to residents of: ID, WA, GA, KY, MS, NE, TN, AND LA.
** YOU set up the time and day they call.

Lysol is giving a $5 rebate back to you after
getting your 2010 Flu Shot. You have from 11/7/10-11/30/10 to get your shot and be eligible for the Lysol rebate.
Download and print your rebate form from this link.

Free ADT Child Safety Kit.
Includes: fingerprint kit, a magnet, a reflective sticker for kids to wear in the dark, games, etc.
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

BOGO [buy one get one] coupon for Quiznos.
Expires 11/18/10. Print directly from this page.

             [Sunday, November 14th, 2010]

Free ring sizer. Will arrive in 4-7 days.

Free "autographed" celebrity photos.

              [Saturday, November 13th, 2010]

Dove Shampoo sample from Sam's Club. You need a
member #, so just make one up starting with 01. =]

‎'Like' Genesis Today on FB, click on "claim coupon", then fill out the form for a PRINTABLE coupon from Walmart for a free bottle of superfruit tea.

Pampers Gifts to Grow points-- 10 point code: Thanks2Veterans.

         [Thursday, November 11TH, 2010]

First 500 people to send a holiday e-card will get a free travel-size set of Weleda Pomegranate Facial Care.
Hurry, this will go FAST!!

            [Wednesday, November 10th, 2010]

Free breathe right advanced strips:

Free 10x13 print, at Sears:
No purchase necessary and no sitting fee.

Free Zippo lighter:
The offer (once you sign up) is all the way at the bottom, in the center. 4 different options and it's 3 per household, one per person.

Free flip-flops from Orbit Gum:
[Can get 3 per household!]
Enter code #074941 or 074993. 10-12 weeks on delivery.    

Free solar system book and other things direct link:

Free Bounce T-Shirt giveaway at 10.09.10 @ 4 ET. 'Like' them on FB first.!/bounce

Free pack of Kleenex:
[Personal size] Send to yourself, or a friend.

Free subscription to Maxim magazine:

Free Purina One dog OR cat food samples:[Walmart]

Free sample of Prilosec OTC heartburn relief:[Walmart]

Free Tom's of Maine toothpaste sample:[Walmart]

If you 'like' Extra on FB, and go to the "free gum" tab, they are offering free packs of gum. 3 flavors; Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, and Mint Chocolate Chip. I've received all 3 flavors and they are DELICIOUS!! =]

Free 2011 Pillsbury Calendar:
[Have to sign up for the Pillsbury newsletter]

Parenting magazine is giving away the top "Mom-Tested Toys of the Year". 
[1 toy per day, through November!] Enter every day for your chance to win.
The calendar of what toy is what day is posted at the bottom of the page. [Some good ones!!]

Coupon booklet with $35 worth of coupons in it for things like febreeze, cascade, swiffer, etc.

Free shipping labels from Avery:

Free Armani Perfume:
Comes in a cute mini spritz vile. =]

Free sample of Zimbi juice:
[Never heard of it, though?!]
* You do not have to enter a website or company for this to work. Apparently it's a healthier, super-fruit juice drink packaged in Earths first flying bottle?! We'll see what it is when it comes. =P

Free Eucerin lotion sample:
'Like' Eucerin on Facebook, hit 'get sample now'.

Free lubricant sample from WET:
[Fill out short survey].

2 free Quest protein bars:
Scroll to the bottom of the page, click 'get my 2 free bars'.

Free sample of Pampers Dry Max -- Sam's Club:
No membership ID required.

    [More to come.. Check back daily]

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