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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Freebie Hunting Tips

   Amber's Tips To A Successful Freebie Hunt

1] Make a separate e-mail just for your "freebies". Maybe even 2.
2] This one's up to you, but I *NEVER* give out my actual phone number unless it's for a sweepstakes from a well known company and it's for a large prize, or they say they will contact winner by phone. If you don't feel comfortable using your real one, put your area code and then 555-5555. =]
3] Make sure to keep up with your freebie e-mail. A lot of companies send "confirmation" e-mails before they will actually send you the product, so if you don't check it, you won't get it. Make sure you check your SPAM folder before emptying it, too.
4] Obviously, never give out your social security number or any other confidential information. If someone is asking for it, IT'S A SCAM.
5] Be patient. Some things can take a month or two to come, but who are you to complain.. IT'S FREE!! =]
Plus, it's always a surprise to check the mail and get something you've forgotten all about ordering.
6] See a freebie that you know you wouldn't use, but can think of someone else who would?! Order it FOR them. They will appreciate you thinking of them! Or get a basket of freebies together and donate them to a retirement facility. Pay it forward.
7] Regarding sweepstakes/iwg, DON'T GIVE UP!! Someone has to win em'. I almost didn't play my Burger King codes the night I won the XBOX Kinect bundle pack, so keep trying!!
8] Check back frequently. A lot of the good prizes are for the "first 300" or however many they have, so you have to be there at a certain time. Keep a log if you need to!!
9] Read the fine print. Does it say "one per household, one per e-mail", what? Yes, it's cheating, but sometimes you can get 2 or 3. Do one using your spouses name and their e-mail, as well.
HAVE FUN. Once the freebies start rolling in, it will be like Christmas every time you check the mail. Remember to share a picture of all the goodies you are getting.

[Feel free to add any of YOUR freebie tips here, as well.]

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