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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Freebies

These are ACTIVE freebies.
I will cross them out as they expire.
If they aren't crossed out, they are still active. =]

However, if you notice that something is expired before me, PLEASE feel free to let me know.
Right click each link and hit OPEN IN NEW TAB, to avoid having to go BACK to the blog each time. =]
- Amber.

               [December 20th, 2010]

*NEW* [5] free Disney Rewards Points - Enter code: dec2520

FREE Eye Exam, at America's Best Contacts & Glasses.
'Like' them on FB, click on 'Free Eye Exam' to print your coupon.
Expires 12/25/10
[]<< Link for STORE LOCATOR.

               [December 19th, 2010]

New [15] point Disney Rewards code: dec251719

Free 2 oz sample of Overtime Pain Relief Lotion. Will arrive in 2-5 business days.

[2] free Quest Protein Bars.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to where it says “Get My Two FREE Bars” You will then have to click “Get My Two FREE Bars” again on the next 4 pages until the form comes up.

               [December 18th, 2010]

Every day starting at 12 noon CST, be one of the first *200* people to 'like' FTD Flowers on FB and receive a Free FTD Red Rose "Say It Your Way" bouquet. Limit [1] coupon code per customer, once you qualify to receive a coupon code on their page, you cannot qualify for a 2nd coupon during that offer period.
Expires: 12/20/10

Free sample of CPR cleaner. You can choose leather, granite, or carpet cleaner. Confirmation message is at the BOTTOM of the screen.
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

               [December 17th, 2010]

Free Purina Mighty Dog Citizenship kit. [Including dog tag]
Just click "Join now!"
*Note: If you get a "run time error" once you submit, simply click refresh and it should bring you to the "thank you" page.
8-10 weeks for delivery.

Free stick of Secret deodorant. [First 5,000!!]
Must 'like' them on FB, then click 'Friday Freebie' tab.
*NOTE: May do this *EVERY* Friday.

**COUPON-- Free mini lotion from Bath & Body Works this weekend only!

Get a free sample of Skoopz Natural Sweetener..
[tab is on the right side of the screen 'Free Trial']

               [December 16th, 2010]

Apply to host a Coffee Mate Cafe Party on February 4th, 2011. Your choice of one of 4 entertainment packages, which include free coupons for coffee mate, free samples of Taster's Choice coffee to share with friends & family, plus other free goodies. You will be notified via e-mail by 12/20 if you are selected.

Free sample of Prilosec OTC Heartburn Relief - Available again!! {Walmart}
To get your free sample, roll your mouse over the Prilosec mirror located just above the fireplace mantel. Click for form.
*Note: Make sure you put that you get heartburn FREQUENTLY, or it locks you out and says you don't qualify.

Free USB Christmas Tree.
Will arrive in 10-14 days, so unfortunately after Christmas, but great for NEXT Christmas! :)

Free Rieslings 6 bottle wine tote.
Fill out short survey.
*NOTE: Must say you got it off a coupon/bottle from retailer to qualify.

Free 8 pack sample of Essiac powdered Herbal Tea.
Will arrive within 2 weeks.

               [December 15th, 2010]

Treat your rabbit, bird, hamster, or any small pet to a free sample. You can get up to 5lbs free of any Kaytee products, which are sold at most PetSmart stores and other locations. [Printable coupon]
Expires: 06/30/11

Free 2011 Calendar from Team Interstate [Race Car Company]
Delivery in 4-6 weeks.

*NEW* [5] point Disney Rewards codes: dec2516

Free Peterbilt key chain. Just enter your e-mail, register, and you're set. =]

               [December 14th, 2010]

[*100*] Pampers Gifts To Grow Points: MYBABYREGISTRYT
{Hurry, this expires today at MIDNIGHT!}

Free sample of Wellness natural pet food.
[Limit one sample of each, per household]

Free sample of 100% natural and organic Wholly Hemp Wick.
This offer ends TOMORROW. You will receive an e-mail confirmation.
*NOTE: This offer has expired, BUT you can still get a free sample by sending a self address envelope to:

Wholly Hemp
ATTN: Free Samples
365 E. Ave. Arboles #145
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

               [December 13th, 2010]

Free Leap Frog "Tag" book.
[*Note: This is a regular book as well, just works with the LF Tag system.
I've received this and my daughter loves it!]
Register with Leap Frog and fill out a 3 minute survey to get the book.
*Note: There are 2 books to choose from, one for ages 2-4, and one for ages 4-8. :) 6-8 weeks for shipping.

Carmex has a weekly giveaway drawing for free full sized products. 50 winners each week, try your luck! :)

Free sample of Natural Nutrition cat food. [WET food]
You will receive [3] one ounce samples of each new gourmet flavor.
Allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

New Disney Movie Rewards Code: dec2513 [5 points]

Free Juno Baby DVD. [Great for babies through toddlers]
This has been previously offered and I have heard of many people receiving this and their kids loved it. :)

Free cup of Yoplait yogurt. [Coupon, sent by mail]
Should arrive in 2-4 weeks.
*Note: Because certain states have specific dairy laws, they may send you an 'alternative' coupon.

New [5] point Pampers Gifts to Grow code: WelcomeMembers5

               [December 12th, 2010]

Free sample of Flix Sticks Toothpicks.
Just says will be sent to you "very soon", no specific date.

               [December 11th, 2010]

You can get up to [5] things for free, as long as they are UNDER $5.
Browse their items, when you find something you like, hit "request sample" and it will add it to your cart. When you have all 5 items, "check out" and you will fill out shipping information.

Free sample of Green Tea Hawaii. {One weeks worth}
Fill out the form on the right of the page, once you submit, a new page will load that says "thank you" as your confirmation.

Free sample of Heaven Scent bags -- Your choice of scented personal hygiene bags or pet waste bags.
You will receive [5] bags with this order.
Will ship to you in a few business days.

Free Beech Nut Baby Food Starter Kit. Must sign up for their e-newsletter.
Allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

               [December 10th, 2010]

Choose You is a movement created by the American Cancer Society that encourages women to put their own health first in the fight against cancer. Sign up today and they'll send you a free Choose You flower

Free $30 gift certificate to Benihana's Grill [FABULOUS restaurant] on the month of your birthday!!

               [December 9th, 2010]

Free sample of Natural Dynamix Gummy Vitamins.
[Your choice of gummy cuties multi-vitamin or gummy fiber dx]
Will arrive in 2-3 days.

Free Lego Magazine for the kids.

Free FULL SIZE sample of Purine One Dog OR Cat food.
'Like' Purina One on FB and get a Free Sample of their new food Beyond before it is even out!!/PurinaOne?v=app_175012965849847

               [December 8th, 2010]

Free sample of Flexitol Heel Balm.
[Must 'like' them on FB first]
Click on 'free sample' tab.

[5] New Disney Rewards Points. Enter code: dec2509

Free bracelet from Tom's Shoes.
3-6 weeks for delivery.
[By the way, this is a FABULOUS company! Hand-made shoes.. With every pair your purchase, they give a new pair to a child in need!!] ♥

Free sample of Slim Fast Peanut Butter Crunch Bar.
[Enter any 9 digit number as the member #, if you do not have one!]

          [December 7th, 2010]

Free sample of Seattle's Best coffee. [Walmart]
Click the red button in the middle of the page.
*These went pretty fast last time!*

Free sample of Garnier anti-dandruff shampoo.
I believe you get a $1 off coupon, as well.

Lorax Activity Book.
6 pages for kids K-2nd grade.
Max number you can order is 10!! (:

               [December 6th, 2010]

Free sample of Starbucks Natural Fusions Coffee is AVAILABLE again! [Walmart]
Click the brown "Receive a sample" banner at the top of the page.
1 sample per household. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Sesame Street Fire Safety Activity Book. [For kids]

Get a $30 check from Clorox settlement. Apparently the Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner w/bleach was staining/damaging peoples toilets. You can get up to $30 if you have no proof, $175 if you do. Follow the link and fill out the form.

Sign up for the American Apparel e-newsletter and receive a free American Apparel bra. [First 10,000]

Free coloring book. [About teeth/hygiene]

Free bottle of Dream Water. [Helps you sleep better]
*Note: This is a coupon, can be redeemed at Walgreens or Walmart, they will mail it to you.

Free sample of Rainbow Nerds candy. =]

Free *ONE YEAR* subscription to Maxim Magazine.
[No billing information required, no strings attached!]

New Disney Rewards Points:
10ptsmobile [10 points] and Z3YH23XF8P [5 points]

               [December 5th, 2010]

The free pack of Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins is live again.
You must 'like' them on FB, if you haven't already. 

And yes, you can order it again if you've already ordered it in the past. First 1,000 so hurry!! =]

Free sample of Glade trash bags ~ Sam's Club.
The sample in the bottom right box.
[If you are not a Sam's Club member, any random 9 digit number starting with 2 will work!]

Free Bag n Tag scent bag -- Doe in heat. [For HUNTERS!]

               [December 4th, 2010]

Free sample of Salonpas pain relief patch.

Free sample bag of Dingo, Jerky Chewz.
*Note: You can either get the bag or a $20 online coupon, but with the coupon you will have to pay shipping.
Ships in 4-6 weeks.

Apply to host a Durex party from House Party.
If you are chosen, you will receive;
For you; 1 bottle of Play Utopia Female Arousal Gel and a Play Vibrations Connect Massager.
For you and your guests: Product samples, variety of Durex condoms, flavored and scented Durex lubricants, Durex love-boxes, and items for fun party... games. =]

                                     [December 3rd, 2010]

Scion Military Care Package. {MILITARY ONLY!!}
Whether state side, or stationed over seas, send a special Scion package, filled with lots of Scion goodies to your service man or woman this holiday season. ♥
[I just got this delivered for a family member and it's AMAZING!! Probably one of my favorites freebies yet.

Free pack of Kleenex is still available.
Can either send to yourself, or someone else.
[Who doesn't need tissues during these cold winter months?!]
*NOTE: Will arrive 14 days from the date of order.

Free full tube of lip gloss.
You must 'like' Not Soap, Radio bath, body, beauty and Not Soap, Radio GREEK << [CRAAAZY name, I know!] on FB and then leave a comment about their product below the picture of the lip gloss. [Make something up]
After that, e-mail them your name and address at so they know where to ship it. =]

Free bottle of Excedrin Extra Strength [coupon]
{Up to $5.99 value.}
*NOTE: << Here is Excedrin Migraine, as well. =]

Free 'goody bag' from allyou.
*NOTE: If you aren't a member, sign up here:

                                    [December 2nd, 2010]

Heads up to all my freebie parents:

Santa will be at Toys "R" Us on Saturday from 12-3pm.

The website says Santa and Geoffrey will pose for pictures, there will be story time, gingerbread cookie decorating, and a 'free giveaway'. =]  
Check the link for participating locations near you.

Free sharps container. [For people with Diabetes, etc.]
Ships in 7-10 business days.

                                [December 1st, 2010]
               {Happy December.. My favorite time of year!!} =]

Another new Pamper's GTG code: DEC2010FACEBOOK [10 point code]

Free CASE of Popchips. [First 100, so HURRY!!]
*Note: Due to the overwhelming response, they decided to give out 200 cases instead of 100. -Expired-

Free tickets to an advanced screening of Yogi Bear in 3D.
[Many areas available!!] And for the first time, one in MY area. You can get up to 4 passes. Must 'register' with the company, then they will e-mail you the pass to print directly.

Free 2-week supply sample of Sun Chlorella Cream.

Free sample of Teeccino Herbal Coffee. [Subscribe to a newsletter]
<< Again, make a separate e-mail just for this type of thing!!
Ships within 6-8 weeks.
Multiple flavor options.. I chose Chocolate Mint. =]


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